CrystalBuilder views
The main CrystalBuilder view.
The INS file inspector.
The Shelx output inspector.
The peaks list.
The LST file inspector.
CrystalBuilder edition modes
Delete atom.
Delete atoms by type.
Change atoms type.
Renumber atoms.
Change hybridation.
CrystalBuilder calculation
Rotate the structure.
Calculate angle between 2 angles.
Compute 3 atoms angle.
Compute 2 plans.
Plan equation.
CrystalBuilder display modes
Atom radius.
Thermic agitation.
Show/Hide asymmetry.
Show/Hide peaks.
Show/Hide labels.
Show/Hide hydrogen.
Show/Hide cell.
Structure information
Show information.
Show cell content.
Show hydrogen bonds.
CrystalBuilder interactions
Mercury integration.
Platon integration.
PovRay integration.